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Assuming anker is required, the following results were found.

  • pin lever movement with 17 jewels
  • Spenderuhr: Meister-Anker Automatic

    Eine ungewöhnliche Meister-Anker "Spezichron", die mir in dieser Art nicht vom Quelle-Versand bekannt war.
  • Donated watch: Meister-Anker Automatic

    An unusual specimen of a Meister-Anker Automatic by Frank Schramm
  • Eppler 17
  • movements

    gebrochen 582 12 1 / 4 ''' 1,2,17J KIF.T.,NOD A,HSKGF SCD,(QG) h,m,s(,d) OK 670 13 1 / 3 ''' 1J keine A,HSKF,Z SCI h,m,s Ankerwelle gebrochen 800 10 1 / 2 5J keine A,HSKF,Z SCI h,m,s OK (Vollservice) 844 10 1 / 2 2J KIF.T. AHKGF h,m Großbodenrad def....
  • Uwersi 57/6

    The smallest Uwersi manual wind movement even has got a true pallet lever escapement.
  • GUB 09-20

    One of the most often produced movement from the VEB Glashütter Uhrenbetriebe. It's not very well known, that it was available in four different versions.
  • Kasper 750

    A better quality pallet lever movement with a pillar construction and an unusually constructed rocking bar winding system.
  • Kasper 900

    The version with 21 jewels is now also part of the movement archive.
  • Poljot 2614.2H
  • Chaika 1601A
  • Eppler 20

    A simple but true 17 jewel pallet lever movement of the manufacturer Eppler, which was well-known for their simple pin lever movements.
  • GUB 11-26
  • Bifora 85

    A very beautiful Bifora windup movement.
  • Bifora 85 S.C.
  • Baumgartner 911

    A pretty common late swiss pin lever movement
  • Otero 28

    An older german middle-class manual wind movement with pallet lever escapement and screw balance.
  • Seiko 7S26A

    A very well known-movement, purposefully constructed, at the expense of the appearance.
  • Smiths RY Empire

    By its looks, you would assign this movement to Switzerland, but in fact, it really comes from Great Britain.
  • Junghans J93S10 (693.02)

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