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  • pin lever movement with 17 jewels
  • Spenderuhr: Meister-Anker Automatic

    Eine ungewöhnliche Meister-Anker "Spezichron", die mir in dieser Art nicht vom Quelle-Versand bekannt war.
  • Donated watch: Meister-Anker Automatic

    An unusual specimen of a Meister-Anker Automatic by Frank Schramm
  • Eppler 17
  • movements

    gebrochen 582 12 1 / 4 ''' 1,2,17J KIF.T.,NOD A,HSKGF SCD,(QG) h,m,s(,d) OK 670 13 1 / 3 ''' 1J keine A,HSKF,Z SCI h,m,s Ankerwelle gebrochen 800 10 1 / 2 5J keine A,HSKF,Z SCI h,m,s OK (Vollservice) 844 10 1 / 2 2J KIF.T. AHKGF h,m Großbodenrad def....
  • Uwersi 57/6

    The smallest Uwersi manual wind movement even has got a true pallet lever escapement.
  • Kasper 900

    The version with 21 jewels is now also part of the movement archive.
  • Poljot 2614.2H
  • Chaika 1601A
  • Eppler 20

    A simple but true 17 jewel pallet lever movement of the manufacturer Eppler, which was well-known for their simple pin lever movements.
  • GUB 11-26
  • Parrenin 66

    A french pin lever movement with balance bridge and top-down pin lever.
  • Zenith 57.8

    A tiny, very beautiful form movement, which, despite its high age, already beats with 21600 A/h.
  • Enz 153 SC

    A very simple pallet lever movement with a Roskopf-like construction.
  • EB 8481-74
  • Enz

    Pforzheim, Germany) Movement list Kaliber Größe Steine Stoßsi. Aufbau Ausstattung Funktionen Zustand (Reparaturen) 153 Anker def. Details By clicking onto the photos, you can access the detail pages of the movements.
  • frühe Quarzwerke

    Skurille und geniale Konstruktionen auf dem Weg von der mechanischen zur Quarzuhr.
  • Lorsa 8FB

    A late french form movement for ladies' watches
  • FHF 64
  • Junghans 687

    A large (11 1/2 lignes) mens' handwound movement from the 1960ies, which was well equipped with pallet lever escapement, 17 jewels and a yoke winding system.

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