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Donations of R.Ludwig


Donations of R.LudwigDonations of R.Ludwig

From Mr. Ludwig, I got a very nice surprise package with many Timex watches and several watches of other manufacturers. Additionally, there was a very nice and interesting letter.

He is a passionate watch tinkerer and is, exactly as I do, interested in the inner works of the watches. On a storage card, it added to the packet, I could see his fascinating collection, which reminds strongly of the Uhrwerksarchiv collection, with the difference, that his watches are generally better in shape.

He's currently cleaning up his collection and so he made this great donation of many interesting watches, movements and spare parts to the movement archive. Beyond the movements, there's an Asco 7500, a rare ladies' watch form movement, then a Q&Q manual wind movement in gents size (rare, too!), Timex quartz movement of the third generation, a number of russian movements and three Amida 420 with direct-read indication.

Timex M41Timex M41Timex M69  (Taiwan, plastic lever)Timex M69 (Taiwan, plastic lever)Timex M105 (taiwanese version)Timex M105 (taiwanese version)

Of course, when the other movements are officially added to the archive, they will be displayed here, too



Thank you very much for that great donation, the kind letter and the fascinating photos!