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Donations of Mario


Donations of MarioDonations of Mario

Mario, who is known in the german Uhr-Forum as "fuchsgiro" is an expert and fan of UMF watches from Ruhla, Germany.

He donated a number of movements and watches, which were not yet in the archive and also sent corrections and notes to the already archived movements.

You have to know, that the UMF changed their caliber numbering system several times, and so, you cannot just rely on the hallmarks of the movements. The corrections will take some effort, but at the end, there will be a clean and correct caliber list.

As soon, as the new movements are archived and described in detail, they will be linked here.

UMF 53-52 (M 9)UMF 53-52 (M 9)UMF 29-80 (M 2)UMF 29-80 (M 2)UMF 81-31 (M 1)UMF 81-31 (M 1)UMF 23-42UMF 23-42UMF 39-50UMF 39-50



Thank you very much for the great support of the movement archive!