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Donations from Götz Schweitzer


Donations from Götz SchweitzerDonations from Götz Schweitzer

Götz Schweitzer, THE Bifora expert, founding member and long year chairman of the german Bifora Freundeskreises e.V. made a great donation to the movement archive with very rare Bifora movements and watches, which would otherwise not have come into the archive. With his help, the movement archive can fill several gaps, an important to step to finish the Bifora section.

Next to the smallest Bifora movement, the caliber 49, the donation contained the very rare caliber 734 and 735, the tiny ladies' watch movement caliber 70 and the equally small, but much more rare selfwinding caliber 70A. Last but not least, the donation contained the, in my opinion most beautiful Bifora selfwinding movement, the caliber 111, which is a true eye candy with its copper color. Since most of the movement are not yet documented anywhere in the web, it is an honor to do the pioneering work here.

The german Bifora Freundeskreis e.V. not only a very well made (german only) website with lots of detailled information, but a also a true museum, whose visit is a must for everybody visiting Schwäbisch Gmünd.

As soon, as the movements are included into the archive, they will be referenced here:

Bifora 70Bifora 70Bifora 70ABifora 70ABifora 734Bifora 734Bifora 735Bifora 735Bifora 111ABifora 111ABifora 49Bifora 49



Thank you very much for the great support of the movement archive!