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Donations of G.Müller

donations of Frau G.Muellerdonations of Frau G.Mueller

In july, I got a package from Miss Müller, a really wonderful donation with quarz watches and half a dozen of thrilling mechanical watches.

Among the quarz watches, there's a rarely used, ultra flat J.Chevalier, which contains an early german(!) quarz movement, a PUW 2431 with seven jewels.

The biggest surprise were the mechnical watches, besides a as-good-as-new Dugena and a Junghans watch in nice condition, where were two Omega Geneve watches, which will be shown in the archive was soon as possible.

Many thanks to Miss Müller for that great present for supporting the archive!


Junghans 687Junghans 687Omega 485Omega 485Omega 613Omega 613PUW 74PUW 74PUW 1075PUW 1075HB 90HB 90