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Donations from G.Keilhammer

Spenden von G.KeilhammerSpenden von G.Keilhammer

After a nice phone call, where I unfortunately couldn't resolve his problem, how and where to repair chinese movements, I got a very nice donation from Mr.Keilhammer, who also likes to work with watches and got those watches from a friend some years ago.

Besides a like NOS Bifora ladies watch with a Bifora 68 caliber (with KIF shock protection!), there were also an ETA 980 in its probably last incarnation, a GUB 09-20, a Förster 630, a Timex M78 and a Bifora 55.

If somebody knows a watchmaker in the Munich area, who is capable to fix chinese mechanical watches, please send an email to me, I will forward this info to Mr.Keilhammer then.

Bifora 55Bifora 55Förster 630Förster 630Timex M78Timex M78GUB 09-20GUB 09-20ETA 980ETA 980

Thank you very much for that great donation!