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anonymous donations

From time to time, there are surprisingly anomyous donations. Since I cannot thank the sender, I will do that here:

anonymous donation, February 2017anonymous donation, February 2017

In February 2017, the movement archive got a nice suprise donation with a handful of quarz movements (among them a Junghans 644.41, the smallest inhouse quarz movement - unfortunately not in working condition) and a Junghans 687 in very good condition.


anonymous donation of 2017anonymous donation of 2017

In January 2017, the movement archive got a very kind donation, which consists of the following movements:

An unknown ETA cylinder movement, AM 612 or 617, AS 992, maybe an ETA selfwinding ladies' watch movement, an EB 8481-74, Kasper 100, AM 624 and an AM 72.

As soon, as these movements are officially sorted into the archive, they will be presented on the movement pages.


This Swatch Skin, model Ligne De Vie SFR119 was one day in my post box without sender information.
It's a very interesting quarz watch, since it is extremely flat with an unbelievable low height of 3.7mm. Probably one of the most flat quartz watches ever made in mass production.

Citizen Noblia & PappwatchCitizen Noblia & Pappwatch

This is a pretty interesting anonymous donation, having low-end and high end quarz watches together. On the left the german (Berlin-Kreuzberg) Pappwatch, on the right the tiny Citizen Noblia ladies' watch with the smallest quartz movement, I've ever seen.

Thank you very much for these donations, too!