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Donated movements of Klaus Brunnemer

One of my most important sources for movements is Klaus Brunnemer. I do not only buy movements from him, he also supports me with free spare movements and replacement parts.

Arogno 2Arogno 2Tissot 709-2Tissot 709-2Intex 1057 SCDIntex 1057 SCDBaumgartner 866 (QG, 13,5''')Baumgartner 866 (QG, 13,5''')Baumgartner 911  (without shock protection)Baumgartner 911 (without shock protection)Bifora 84/1Bifora 84/1DuRoWe 61DuRoWe 61DuRoWe 89DuRoWe 89AS 740AS 740FE 68 (Incabloc)FE 68 (Incabloc)Felsa 146  (15j)Felsa 146 (15j)FHF 150FHF 150Guba B1050Guba B1050Junghans J 93Junghans J 93Kasper 100Kasper 100Kasper 200 (neu)Kasper 200 (neu)Langendorf 600Langendorf 600Lorsa 8F (Novodiac)Lorsa 8F (Novodiac)Lorsa 514A  (RUFA)Lorsa 514A (RUFA)Otero 441Otero 441PUW 360PUW 360Shanghai ZSEShanghai ZSEShanghai ZSE Z-AShanghai ZSE Z-AShanghai ZSH SS7Shanghai ZSH SS7Uwersi 57/8 (SCI CLD pin lever)Uwersi 57/8 (SCI CLD pin lever)Uwersi 57/10 altUwersi 57/10 altZaria 2016Zaria 2016Buren 04Buren 04Bifora 85Bifora 85Berger 8 3/4Berger 8 3/4

As soon, as I add more of his movements to my archive, they will be displayed here, too.

Thank you very much, Klaus, for supporting my movement archive!