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Donated movements by Rolf-Jürgen

Rolf-Jürgen (aka "Hiltibrant" in the german UhrForum), donated some very interesting additions to the archive:

Förster 2080Förster 2080PUW 500PUW 500 

In spring 2017, he donated another three movements to the movement archive. From two of them, there were no other movements yet in the archive: Enz 153 SC, Reconviller 12 and a Bauer 10 1/2 new, and also two Ronda movements, a caliber 1017 and a caliber 1215.

Donations of Rolf-JürgenDonations of Rolf-Jürgen


Enz 153 SCEnz 153 SCReconvilier 12Reconvilier 12Ronda 1215Ronda 1215Bauer 10 1/2 newBauer 10 1/2 newRonda 1017Ronda 1017

The next donation was then a Felsa 465N, on which the balance staff was broken, but whose mainspring helped, that there's now a working specimen of this movement in the archive.

Felsa 465NFelsa 465N

Only a few days later, another donation was sent to me - a Förster 51 with a few missing parts. I'll see, if I can find them in the few boxes of (mostly) unsorted spare parts:

Förster 51Förster 51



Thank you very much, Rolf-Jürgen, for supporting the movement archive!