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Donated movements by Rolf-Jürgen

Rolf-Jürgen (aka "Hiltibrant" in the german UhrForum), donated some very interesting additions to the archive:

Förster 2080Förster 2080PUW 500PUW 500Enz 153 SCEnz 153 SC 

In spring 2017, he donated another three movements to the movement archive. From two of them, there were no other movements yet in the archive: Enz 153, Reconviller 12 and Bauer 10.5, and also two Ronda movements, a caliber 1017 and a caliber 1215.

Donations of Rolf-JürgenDonations of Rolf-Jürgen



As soon, as more of these movements are archived and described in detail, they will be linked from this page, too.



Thank you very much, Rolf-Jürgen, for supporting the movement archive!