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AS 1780


AS 1780AS 1780



A rather late, but a little bit unusual constructed movement is this 8 3/4 ligne ladies` movement of AS. You can clearly see the rationalization influences of the sixties. Technically it resembles very well the state-of-the-art of that time: The large nickel ring balance beats with 21600A/h and in beared in Incabloc shock protection systems. The hairspring stud is moveable, the hairspring regulator has got no arm.

This movement uses an excentrical located minute wheel (on the movement side at "5", on the dial side at "7"), which drives the hands indirectly. This kind of construction allows larger balances and mainsprings on smaller movements, which influence the daily rates and run time in a positive way.

Unfortunately, on the specimen shown here, the connection beween the minute wheel and the hands has become lose over the time, so that the hands are no longer driven.

AS 1780 dial sideAS 1780 dial side

Technical data

Number of jewels17
EscapementAnchor with pallets
Shock protection(s)Incabloc
Balance cock directionclockwise
Hairspring studmoveable
Regulator typeHairspring key
Movement constructionFork
Escapement wheel, Fourth wheel, Third wheel, Large driving wheel
Mainspring barrel
FunctionsHour, minute, second
Beats per hour21600
Image in Flume Werksucher K3 11
AS 1780ASAS17808 3/4''''''AS 178017 Jewels, 8 3/4'''''', 21600 A/h, SCD


Usage gallery

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