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Citizen 7806A


Citizen 7806ACitizen 7806A


The electromechanical caliber 7806A is a very good movement of the heyday of electromecianical movements.

The balance, which is beared in two inhouse Parashock protection systems carries two magnets, which drive and are driven by a coil. This coil is switched by a transistor and therefor needs no electrical contacts. It makes the balance beating always with the same strength, which results in a high accurancy. With the excenter fine tuning system, you can excellently regulate it.

The caliber 7086A has got a day and weekday indication, which advances slowly. The quickset mechanism, however, is simple and genious together: The lever at "6", which reminds of a hammer, advances either the day or the date by pressing the crown, depending, on whether the "12" or the "6" of the watch is up.




Citizen 7806A dial side without weekday discCitizen 7806A dial side without weekday disc


 Technical data

Number of jewels8
Shock protection(s)Parashock 1 (Citizen)
Balance cock directionclockwise
Hairspring studmoveable
Regulator typeExcenter
FunctionsHour, minute, second, day, weekday, electromechanical
Beats per hour36000
Citizen 7806ACitizenCitizen7806A12 1/2''''''Citizen 7806A8 Jewels, 12 1/2'''''', 36000 A/h, SC?,QG,JG,RDR


Usage gallery

Citizen Cosmotron gents watchCitizen Cosmotron gents watch