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ETA 355


ETA 355ETA 355


The ETA 355, still marked with the old ETA image, is a rather early cylinder escapement movement from Genchen in Switzerland. Yet in 1949, only a few repair parts were still available, besides this, technically it was way out of date, since a pallet- and even pin-lever movement was far more reliable, precise and required less maintenance.

Although on the specimen shown here, the balance including the cock is missing, it is obvious, that it was not shock protected and beared in four jewels. The remaining four jewels were used for the bearings of the cylinder wheel (on both sides) and of fourth and third wheel (on the movement side only), which guaranteed a low friction run.

The bridges of this movement remind of those of old pocket watch movement, on later movements, like the ETA 406, plates with multiple bearings were used.

On the dial side, this movement uses a rocking bar winding mechanism; oddly it has got an unused(!) crown wheel on the movement side.

ETA 355 dial sideETA 355 dial side



 Technical data

Number of jewels8
Shock protection(s)none
Balance cock directioncounterclockwise
Movement constructionEscapement wheel
Fourth wheel
Third wheel, Center wheel
Mainspring barrel
Winding mechanismRocking bar
Setting lever spring4 holes
FunctionsHour, minute
Beats per hour18000
Size9''' (measured: 20,0 mm)
Image in Flume Werksucher 1947 99
ETA 355ETAETA3559''''''ETA 3558 Jewels, 9'''''', 18000 A/h



Usage gallery

Gala ladies' watch  (only dial)Gala ladies' watch (only dial)


This movement was donated by Harald Hoeber. Thank you very much!