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ETA 2369


ETA 2369ETA 2369


In 1952, the ETA launched one of their most modern and successful ladies' selfwindig movements.

With a diameter of only 7 3/4 lignes, it was really tiny, but offered lots of features, such as a selfwindig mechamisn, center second hand and date indication. Not many manufacturers could offer such a large set of features. That amound led to a minor disadvantage: The height was with 5.6mm quite big, so the watches, which used that movement looked a bit clumsy.

The ETA 2369 was produced for one and a half decades, until it was superseded in 1966 by the only marginally modified caliber 2551. How modern the 2369 was constructed can be seen on the fact, that all following movements, starting with caliber 2551 up to the still produced caliber ETA 2671, use the same basic construction and only changed details such as the balance beating rate. The design with directly driven center second hand and indirectly driven minute hand was never changed.

So, this construction of the early fifties was a really genious one!

modern typemodern type

In the 14 years, while this movement was produced, it was slightly modernized with the not really required "fashion" jewels on the pawl winding wheels were omitted and the balance with screws was superseded by a screwless balance, which also featured a modern moveable hairspring stud instead of the old static one.

without selfwinding mechanismwithout selfwinding mechanism

The gear construction was done by most modern knowledge. The center second hand was directly driven, while the minute hand was driven by the decentral driving wheel. The cannon pinion however used the typical ETA construction with the large moveable gear.

Of course, all bearings contained synthetic rubis and the balance was beared in two Incabloc shock protection systems. The moveable regulator contained a short regulation arm and was movemed directly at the place, where it looked out below the selfwindig plate.

selfwinding mechanismselfwinding mechanism

The selfwinding mechanism used the common ETA pawl winding wheels plus two following gears.

On manual winding, the clicks of the pawl winding wheels detatch the rotor.

ETA 2369 dial sideETA 2369 dial side

On the dial side, there's of course a yoke winding system.

The date ring slowly advances and can be corrected semi-fast by turning the time back and forth - this was a common correction mechanism in these times.



 Technical data

Number of jewels21/25
EscapementAnchor with pallets
BalanceNickel screw balance / Nickel
Shock protection(s)Incabloc
Balance cock directioncounterclockwise
Hairspring studfixed/moveable
Regulator typeHairspring key
Movement constructionFork
Escapement wheel, Fourth wheel, Third wheel
Large driving wheel, Mainspring barrel
Winding mechanismyoke
FunctionsHour, minute, second, day, selfwinding
Beats per hour18000
Production time1952-1966
Image in Flume Werksucher 1962 100
ETA 2369ETAETA23691952-19667 3/4''''''ETA 236921/25 Jewels, 7 3/4'''''', 18000 A/h, SCD,QG,RDR,AUT



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