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Felsa 66

Felsa 66 (export version)Felsa 66 (export version)Felsa 66 (original)Felsa 66 (original)


A representative of the further uncommon ellipse shaped ladies' watch movements in the Felsa 66, which was probably made in the 1930ies.

Besides the swiss original version, there was at least one export version with only six jewels (since the US import taxes depended on the number of jewels) and a modified winding bridge with a suboptimal click mechanism.



The Felsa 66 is a typical swiss pallet lever movement.

gears and trainsgears and trains

The screw balance is not shock protected, of course, and was available as true bimetal balance (with full cuts) and with a fake bimetal-lookalike finish, where the cuts were only half of the balance height and had no functional impact at all.

bimetal balance (full cut a 7 o'clock)bimetal balance (full cut a 7 o'clock)

The balance was beating with contemporarily slow 18000 A/h.

side view of the gearsside view of the gears

The silver colored export version did not contain jewel bearings, besides for the balance. On the original swiss version had jewels on all bearings, except on the minute wheel bearing.

base platebase plate

There are many holes on the dial side, which is good for servicing the movement and oiling the lever pallets.

Felsa 66 dial side - export versionFelsa 66 dial side - export versionFelsa 66 dial side - original versionFelsa 66 dial side - original version

The Felsa 66 has got a yoke winding system with a setting lever angle with two holes.


 Technical data

Number of jewels6/15
EscapementAnchor with pallets
BalanceNickel screw balance, Bimetal screw balance
Shock protection(s)none
Balance cock directionclockwise
Hairspring studfixed
Regulator typeLong regulator arm
Movement constructionFork
Escapement wheel, Fourth wheel, Third wheel, Center wheel
Mainspring barrel
Construction typesolid construction
Winding mechanismyoke
Setting lever spring2 holes
FunctionsHour, minute
Beats per hour18000
Size61/2''' (measured: 14,6 x 25,1 mm)
Image in Flume Werksucher K1 128
Felsa 66FelsaFelsa666 1/2'''Felsa 666/15 Jewels, 6 1/2''', 18000 A/h


In the lab

One specimen (the brass colored original) came with a broken balance wheel in the lab and therefore could not get back to life, the other one, the export version, was gummed and dirty and got a full treatment with cleaning and oiling.


On the timegrapher

The export movement showed poor performance on all positions. Probably the balance wheel is a little bit bent and the hairspring is also out of position, which you can see on the large beat error on all positions.

crown rightcrown right crown topcrown top crown leftcrown left crown bottomcrown bottom 
dial topdial top dial bottomdial bottom 

vertical positions
12 up  +270 seconds/day
3 up  -180 seconds/day
6 up  -270 seconds/day
9 up  -560 seconds/day
horizontal positions
dial down  +30 seconds/day
dial up  +150 seconds/day
timegrapher measurings


Usage gallery

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