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Wostok 2214


Wostok 2214Wostok 2214


Before the Chistopol movement factory launched the still currently produced movement series of the caliber 2414 and relatives, they produced movement with a diameter of 22mm, such as the caliber 2214 shown here.

This movement is special due to its unusual structure and of course of its gloden screw balance, which is even connected to a breguet-type hairspring with (short) regulator arm and runs in two inhouse shock protections.

The construction with its decentral minute wheel is unusual, too, but it is already a very modern one. This decentral wheel allowes a signficantly larger balance wheel which increased the precision. Since the center second hand is driven indirectly, we have the unusual situation of having five gears instead of the usual three or four.

What you also can see is, that the edges of the bridges and cocks are angled, so that this movement looks very nice, even without decoration stripes.

dial side view without date mechanismdial side view without date mechanism

On the dial side, you also see pretty unusual things: The hour wheel has got very fine dents, and is driven by the same gear, which also drives the date mechanism by large teeths.

The reduction wheel is kept in position by a spring; there's no real bearing. The advantage of that mechanism is unclear. A disadvantage of that specific movement is, that the cannon pinion of the decentral minute wheel has got too small friction, so that the movement runs, while it can happen, that the hands are not moving at all.

The rest of the dial side shows a familiar high quality and there's of course a yoke winding mechanism.

date indication mechanismdate indication mechanism

There's a little speciality with the date mechanism: It can be released in complete by removing only two screws. For servicing, this is ideal!

The technical design of the date mechanism is very simple but genious at the same time: The switching wheel contains a tiny spring, which can only move in one direction and enables a semi-fast correction by turning the hands back and forth a few hours. What's so special with that mechanism is, that it only uses one single part! At position "3", you see a tiny ring, which is pressed by a small spring onto the gears of the date ring and allowes a precise locking of the date. Very simple but very efficient.

And last but not least another interesting detail: A spring at 5:30 holds the hour wheel in position without and further rings below the dial. If the watch is dropped, the hour hands cannot move out of position.

Wostok 2214 dial sideWostok 2214 dial side

This movement has got a diameter of 10 lignes without and 11 lignes with date ring. This is a bit unusial, since normally date rings are not larger than the movement body. Btw - in literature, this movement is noted with a diameter of 9 3/4 lignes...



Technical data

Number of jewels18
EscapementAnchor with pallets
BalanceGlucydur screw balance
Shock protection(s)Poljot
Balance cock directionclockwise
Hairspring studfixed
Regulator typeLong regulator arm
Movement constructionFork
Escapement wheel, Fourth wheel, Third wheel
Large driving wheel, Center second pinion, Mainspring barrel
Winding mechanismyoke
Setting lever spring4 holes
FunctionsHour, minute, second, day
Beats per hour18000
Image in Flume Werksucher K3 18
Wostok 2214WostokWostok221410''' (11''')'''Wostok 221418 Jewels, 10''' (11''')''', 18000 A/h, SCI,QG,RDR



Usage gallery

Wostok gents watchWostok gents watch