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Wostok 2414A


Wostok 2414AWostok 2414A


The Wostok 2414A, the first revision of the Wostok 2414, belongs as the whole caliber familiy to the most often built and used manual wind movements from Russia.

base platebase plate

On the base place you can see, that all bearings, except those for the mainspring barrel, are equipped with synthetic rubies.

base place with click mechanismbase place with click mechanism

It uses a directly driven minute wheel, which is beared below the mainspring barrel bridge.

The crown wheel is located half-way to the center. This position is typical for the whole caliber series.

gear traingear train

The gear train with its directly driven center minute wheel and indirectly driven center second represents state of the art of the 1950ies and 1960ies.

side view of the gear trainside view of the gear train

A technical clever solution is, that the third wheel drives both, the minute wheel and the center second wheel. The latter is effected by way of the outer rim of the third wheel, which is at the same time in engagement with the fourth wheel drive and with the drive of the indirect central second. Both have only the same number of teeth. The center seconds wheel is held in position by a leaf spring and is prevented from fluttering by its minimal friction.

Spacer for the balance wheel cockSpacer for the balance wheel cock

The way, the height of the balance wheel cock is adjusted, is a bit odd: Below the cock, there's a flat brass stripe, which enlarges the height for the balance wheel cock a fraction of a millimeter.

The screwless balance is beared in two inhouse shock protections and has got three slightly waisted arms. It beats with 19800 A/h and regulates a conventional pallet lever movement.

Imprint "Russia"Imprint "Russia"

What exactly are the revision changes to the caliber 2414 is yet unknown.

empty dial sideempty dial side

On the yet empty dial side, you can spot the yoke winding system half way to the center. There's no setting lever screw any more, just a spring. Its pusher on the movement side has great flying abilities :-)

Date mechanism with switching camsDate mechanism with switching cams

The date indication mechanism works with a switching wheel (at 8 o'clock), which has got a moveable cam. It is responsible for the instant date change ad midnight and the half-fast correction by turning the hands back and forth.

date indication mechanismdate indication mechanism

A spring loaded jack at 6 o'clock ensures, that the date remains in position and is not switched back when you turn back the hands. After mounting the cover plate, the spring is inserted.

Wostok 2414A dial sideWostok 2414A dial side





Technical data

Number of jewels17
EscapementAnchor with pallets
Shock protection(s)3 arms, russian
Balance cock directionclockwise
Hairspring studmoveable
Regulator typeHairspring key
Movement constructionFork
Escapement wheel, Fourth wheel, Third wheel
Center wheel, Mainspring barrel, Center second pinion
Winding mechanismyoke
Setting lever spring5 holes
FeaturesSCI, QG, RDR
FunctionsHour, minute, second, day
Beats per hour19800
Life angle42°
Size111/2(101/2)''' (measured: 26,4 (23,5) mm)
Inventory ID 16020
Wostok 2414AWostokWostok2414A11 1/2 (10 1/2)'''Wostok 2414A17 Jewels, 11 1/2 (10 1/2)''', 19800 A/h, SCI, QG, RDR




In the lab

The tested specimen was well working, when it came into the lab and hence was not serviced, but only adjusted a bit.




On the timegrapher

The rates are pretty well, nevertheless on a serviced or brand new specimen, they will be much better:

vertical positions
positiondeviationbeat error amplitude
12 up  -70 seconds/day  0.1 ms  172 °
3 up  +25 seconds/day  0.1 ms  192 °
6 up  +10 seconds/day  0.1 ms  188 °
9 up  -90 seconds/day  0.1 ms  171 °
horizontal positions
positiondeviationbeat error amplitude
dial down  -1 seconds/day  0.0 ms  205 °
dial oben  +7 seconds/day  0.0 ms  222 °
timegrapher measurings

The perfect adjustment of the beat error in all positions is noteable! The rate differences between vertical and horizontal positions a pretty large, nevertheless on daily wear, they will more or less neutralize each other.




Usage gallery

Wostok Kommandirski gents watchWostok Kommandirski gents watchWostok Kommandirski gents watchWostok Kommandirski gents watchWostok Kommandirski gents watch with original braceletWostok Kommandirski gents watch with original bracelet



This movement and the three shown watches are a kind donation of the Mr. and Mrs. Ditte. Thank you very much for the support of the movement archive!