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Please contact me, if you have got old watches sitting in your drawer and wanting to send them to me as a donation.

I will display your watch(es) with a little story (and even with additional images, if you provide them to me) here.

Thank you very much in advance!


Donation of Cornelia Bergemann

Donation from Cornelia BergemannDonation from Cornelia Bergemann

Cornelia Bergemann surprised with this donation

Donations from Katja

Donations from KatjaDonations from Katja

Katja surprised me with a nice package of a dozen watches.

Donations from Götz Schweitzer

Donations from Götz SchweitzerDonations from Götz Schweitzer

Götz Schweitzer, THE expert for Bifora, donated a fantastic selection of rare Bifora movements and watches.

Donated movements by Rolf-Jürgen

Donated movements by Rolf-Jürgen

Donations from U.Bohnet-Ströbel

Donations of U.Bohnet-StröbelDonations of U.Bohnet-Ströbel

Mrs. Bohnet-Ströbel sent a surprise package, which contained beyond other watches a Prätina with an Osco 850.

Donations of Mario

Donations of MarioDonations of Mario

Mario donated a large package of UMF movements and watches

Donations from Hans

Donations from HansDonations from Hans

Hans even donated three Poljot 2609H

Donations from Christoph Reiner

Donations from Christoph ReinerDonations from Christoph Reiner

Very interesting non-inhouse movements from EMES were donated from Christoph Reiner

Donations from the Ristow family

Familie RistowFamilie Ristow

The family Ristow donated a huge package with lots of watches

Donations of Mr. and Mrs. Ditte

Eheleute DitteEheleute Ditte

The married couple Ditte sent a nice pre christmas donation package

Donations of R.Ludwig

R.Ludwig sent a huge surprise package with lots of watches and movements, mainly Timex, but many other manufacturers, too.

Donations of U.Ströbel-Dettmer

U.Ströbel-Dettmer donated a manual wind Seiko ladies' watch, a manual wind Roamer ladies' watch and number of quarz watches in a surprise package.

Donations of Günter G.


Günter G. sent a surprise package full of watches and movements

Donations from Erwin

Erwin donated a heavy box full of watches and movements for spare parts

Donations from G.Keilhammer

A great donation of most different watches with interesting movements was done by Mr. Keilhammer

Donations from B.Kannter

Mrs.Kannter donated three quarz watches

anonymous donations

Some donations are anonymous and shall be presented here

Donated watch: Ormo ladies' watch

Ormo ladies' watch[br](Sigrid Schmiedel-Köster)Ormo ladies' watch
(Sigrid Schmiedel-Köster)

A tiny ladies' watch in very good condition with one of the last cylinder movements.


Donated watch: Junghans ladies' watch

Junghans Damenuhr[br](Sigrid Schmiedel-Köster)Junghans Damenuhr
(Sigrid Schmiedel-Köster)

Junghans ladies' watch by Sigrid Schmiedel-Köster 

Donated movements of Harald Hoeber

Harald HoeberHarald Hoeber

Harald donated an incredibly large amount of movements and spare parts for the archive.

Donated watch: Meister-Anker Automatic

Meister-Anker Automatic[br](Frank Schramm)Meister-Anker Automatic
(Frank Schramm)

 An unusual specimen of a Meister-Anker Automatic by Frank Schramm

Donations of Kristina Iyilikci

Kristina Iyilikci donated a handfull of watches, among them a mechanical Dugena fashion watch from the 1970ies.

Donations of Rudolf Jeromin

Rudolf Jeromin donated spare parts of a Bifora 2025 and further watches and movements

Donations of Gundula Stein

Gundula SteinGundula Stein

Gundula Stein and her sister made a very nice donation of the watches of their parents.

Donations of G.Müller

donations of G.Muellerdonations of G.Mueller

Miss Müller donated more than a dozen of watches, many very interesting mechanical watches and a number of also interesting quarz watches

Donations of Karl Bindlehner

Karl from Austria donated that Buchner & Bovalier, with a chinese selfwindig movement with full calendar.

Donated movements of Klaus Brunnemer

Klaus BrunnemerKlaus Brunnemer

One of my most important sources for movements is Klaus Brunnemer. I do not only buy movements from him, he also supports me with free spare movements and replacement parts.

Donations of Marko Neumann

Marko Neumann donated two watches with good bracelets

Donation from Deborah Ko

Donation from Deborah KoDonation from Deborah Ko

Deborah Ko donated an Esprit quartz watch

Donation from Inge Söll

Donation from Inge SöllDonation from Inge Söll

A Citizen Seven gents quartz watch was donated by Inge Söll