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Manufacturer: AHS

(Alfred Hirsch, Schwenningen, Germany)

caliber table

Caliber Size Jewels Shockp. Construction Features Functions Condition (Repair)
40  101/2''' 0J none   AHSKMF   h,m,ss OK (replaced click spring)
41  101/2''' 4J none   AHSKMF   h,m,ss broken click spring
43  101/2''' 5J none   AHSKMF,Z   SCI  h,m,s OK (olied)
44  101/2''' 0J none   AHSKMF     h,m needs cleaning
53  101/2 0J none   AHSKMF     h,m OK (oiled)
152  11''' 17J RUF   A,HSKMF,Z   SCI  h,m,s OK (olied)
154  101/2''' 21J RUF   A,HSKMF   SCI,QG,AUT  h,m,s,d,a OK (cleaned,oiled)

caliber details

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