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Manufacturer: Citizen / Miyota

(Citizen / Miyota, Japan)

caliber list

Caliber Size Jewels Shockp. Construction Features Functions Condition (Repair)
0153  63/4 x 8''' 17J PARA.3   A,HSKM,F     h,m OK
0201  111/2''' 17J PARA.1   A,HSK,M,F   SCD  h,m,s OK
5231          OK
6000  101/2''' 21J PARA.1      SC?,QG,RDR,AUT  h,m,s,d,a OK
6001          broken
6501  10''' 21J PARA.1      SCD,QG,JG,RDR,AUT  h,m,s,d,w,a OK
6900  21J PARA.3      SCI,QG,RDR,AUT  h,m,s,d,a OK
7290  121/2''' 23J PARA.1      SCI,QG,JG,RDR,AUT  h,m,s,d,w OK (hung in balance)
2340A  63/4 x 8''' 17J PARA.3   A,HSKM,KZ,F   SCI  h,m,s OK
5330A  63/4 x 8 17J PARA.3   A,HSKM,KZ,F   SCI,QG,RDR  h,m,s,d Sticky hairspring
6651A  83/4''' 21J PARA      SCI,QG,JG,RDR,AUT  h,m,s,d,w,a OK
7803A  121/2''' 8J PARA.1      SC?,QG,JG,RDR  h,m,s,d,w,e OK (replaced setting lever)
7806A  121/2''' 8J PARA.1      SC?,QG,JG,RDR  h,m,s,d,w,e broken
8110A  23J PARA.1      s,QG,JG,CHR,RDR,AUT  h,m,s,d,w,c,a OK
8203A  111/2 21J PARA.1        h,m,s,d,w,a OK (adjusted)
580087  62/3 x 10''' 17J PARA.1      SC?  h,m,s,e OK

caliber details

By clicking on the photos, you can access the details of the movements.