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Bifora 2030 SC

16.01.2017 by Uhrwerksarchiv

An early form pallet lever movement with center second and shock protection from the early 1940ies. (more)

Arogno 151

15.01.2017 by Uhrwerksarchiv

Arogno 151 - a well made manual wind movement from the late 1940ies. (more)

Wostok 2414A

13.01.2017 by Uhrwerksarchiv

One of the most common any widley used russian manual wind movement, here in its first revision. (more)

Here, everything is about mechanical watches and the bricolages to bring defective watches back to life again.

The core of these pages is the movement archive, which offers detailled information and high-res pictures of currently more than 450 different movements.
From the simple pin-lever movement without jewels to a flyback chronograph, there's a wide field of popular and often-used movements in the archive, often with unusual and fancy construction details. The only movement class missing here, are expensive movements, but it is comprehendible, when you take into account, that the price of a single Rolex alone exceeds the value of the whole archive. Nevertheless, I'm glad for all donations.

There's also a small section with datasheets of different movements and manufacturies.

A few watches and articles, I wrote on watch forums can be found on the article pages, on the review pages and in the gallery.

Finally, on this site, you will find my tiny Timex archive.

Have fun!


Recent updates

Donations of Mr. and Mrs. Ditte

10.12.2016 von Uhrwerksarchiv

The married couple Ditte sent a nice pre christmas donation package (mehr)

frühe Quarzwerke

15.11.2016 von Uhrwerksarchiv

Skurille und geniale Konstruktionen auf dem Weg von der mechanischen zur Quarzuhr. (mehr)

Kienzle 053/703 / EB 1612N

25.04.2016 von Uhrwerksarchiv


Kienzle 070/27 / DuRoWe 61

25.04.2016 von Uhrwerksarchiv


Kienzle 071/17 / DuRoWe 450

25.04.2016 von Uhrwerksarchiv


Kienzle 074/20 / EB 8341

25.04.2016 von Uhrwerksarchiv