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ETA 2410


ETA 2410ETA 2410


The ETA 2410 has got a diameter of only 6 3/4 lignes and belongs to the smalles ladies' watch movements of the 50ies and 60ies.

The speciality of this movement is, that its minute hand is no longer driven directly, but indirectly on the dial side by the train of second wheel. The first wheel stays in contact with the mainspring barrel and drives the whole movement.

The advantage of this construction is, that the mainspring and the balance both can be as large as possible, ensuring long running time and high precision. The good timing results are also guaranteed by the gold-toned screwed Glucydur balance - this was top of the line at that time.

Visually, this movement is a very nice one because of its slowly beating golden-toned screwed balance!

version with 21 jewelsversion with 21 jewels

On the dial side, you see the familiar ETA construction with the yoke winding system, the printed minute dial part, the preparations for further cap jewels (on the 17j version) and the non jewel-beared train of the second wheel (at "8"), which drives the minute wheel.

The faster (6 A/s) beating version of this movement is known as [97]ETA 2412.

ETA 2410 dial sideETA 2410 dial side

The movement was available in different versions which differed e.g. by the number of cap jewels.

dial side view of the 21j versiondial side view of the 21j version



 Technical data

Number of jewels17,21
EscapementAnchor with pallets
BalanceGlucydur screw balance
Shock protection(s)Incabloc
Balance cock directionclockwise
Hairspring studfixed
Regulator typeHairspring key,Long regulator arm
Movement constructionFork
Escapement wheel, Fourth wheel, Third wheel, Large driving wheel
Mainspring barrel
Winding mechanismyoke
Setting lever spring2 holes
FunctionsHour, minute
Beats per hour18000
Size63/4''' (measured: 15,2 mm)
Image in Flume Werksucher 1962 2
ETA 2410ETAETA24106 3/4''''''ETA 241017,21 Jewels, 6 3/4'''''', 18000 A/h



Usage gallery

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