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Junghans J93S (693.10)


Junghans J93S (693.10)Junghans J93S (693.10)


The Junghans J93, which was produced between 1954 and 1966, was available in different versions. The one with decentral second and 15 jewels was initially called Junghans J93S, before in 1962 all Junghans calibers were renamed and it got the caliber number Junghans 693.10. The specimen of the 11 1/2 ligne caliber shown here was made in october 1960, due to its production code "K0".

The movement is completely undecorated, which is no disadvantage for its functionality. Especially the J93 caliber series was famous for being used in cost efficient Junghans tool watches, it was not intended for high-end watches.

base platebase plate 

Besides the almost full equipment with jewels (except center minute wheel and mainspring barrel), the base plate shows, that a rocking bar winding system with a ratchet on the dial side is used. This was pretty common on "economic" movements.

gear traingear train

The gear train is a very classical one: The mainspring barrel drives the center minute wheel, followed by third wheel, seconds wheel at 6 o'clock and escpament wheel. The escapment is a swiss type pallet lever escapement.

side view of the gear trainside view of the gear train 

The Junghans J93S uses a rather large screw-less anular balance, which is beared in two in inhouse shock protection systems. It beats with 18000 A/h and its exact frequency can be adjusted with a long regulartor arm.

If you look exactly, you can see on the right next to the dial mounting screw the drill holes for the the "Trilastic" shock protection (springy bolts). On many Junghans watches, they (there are three of them in a movement) beared the movement more or less flexible in the case and saved it from shocks.

Junghans J93S: Dial sideJunghans J93S: Dial side

On the dial side, you see the characteristical Junghans shock protection with its three arms and the large cap jewel.

On the opposite side, at 3 o'clock, there's the yoke winding system, at 12 o'clock the very well made ratchet, whose clock pawl can be released from the movement side without detaching the dial.




Technical data

CaliberJ93S (693.10)
Number of jewels15
EscapementAnchor with pallets
BalanceNickel screw balance
Shock protection(s)Junghans
Balance cock directionclockwise
Hairspring studfixed
Regulator typeLong regulator arm
Movement constructionFork
Escapement wheel, Fourth wheel, Third wheel, Center wheel
Mainspring barrel
Winding mechanismRocking bar
Setting lever spring0 holes
FunctionsHour, minute, small second
Beats per hour18000
Size111/2''' (measured: 25,4 mm)
Production time1954 - 1966
Image in Flume Werksucher K2 -
Inventory ID 18001
Junghans J93SJunghansJunghansJ93S1954 - 196611 1/2'''Junghans J93S15 Jewels, 11 1/2''', 18000 A/h




Usage gallery

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