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UMF 29-80 (M 2)


UMF 29-80  (M 2)UMF 29-80 (M 2)


In the late 1940ies, Thiel released the caliber "Präzisa", which was very well made and a fulfilled its name perfectly.

During its production time and even afterwards, this 10 1/2 ligne caliber was renamed a few times, to "UMF Präzisa", to "UMF M 2" and finally to UMF 29-80. 

base platebase plate

The base plate is solidly milled and all bearings, except those from mainspring barrel and minute wheel are equipped with Rubies, in total 15. No comparison to the simple later UMF movements, as the caliber 23.

gear traingear train

The UMF M2 / 29-80 has got the classical gear train with directly driven center minute, second wheel, third wheel, fourth wheel and escpament wheel. This was standard in the 1940ies and 1950ies.

side view of the gear trainside view of the gear train

The screw-less anular balance is (unfortunately!) not shock protected, but the movement has got a long regulator arm for adjusting the effective hairspring length.

The balance beats contemporarily slow with 18000 A/h and regulates a conventional pallet lever movement of swiss type.

UMF 29-80: Dial sideUMF 29-80: Dial side

On the dial side too, (here stamped as "UMF 2") you are not disappointed, since the UMF 29-80 uses a yoke winding system.




 Technical data

Caliber29-80 (M 2)
Number of jewels15
EscapementAnchor with pallets
Shock protection(s)none
Balance cock directionclockwise
Hairspring studfixed
Regulator typeLong regulator arm
Movement constructionFork
Escapement wheel, Fourth wheel, Third wheel
Center wheel, Mainspring barrel
Construction typesolid construction
Winding mechanismyoke
Setting lever spring2 holes
FunctionsHour, minute, small second
Beats per hour18000
Size101/2''' (measured: 23,3 mm)
Production time1948 - 1963
Image in Flume Werksucher 1958 g.4
Inventory ID 17020
UMF 29-80UMFUMF29-801948 - 196310 1/2'''UMF 29-8015 Jewels, 10 1/2''', 18000 A/h, s




This movement is a donation by Mario for the movement archive. Thank you very much for your kind support!