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A large number of samples of the movement production heyday, the 20th century, is displayed here. Currenty, 1119 movements from 169 manufacturers wait for your discovery, and their number steadily increases. 851 movements are described in own, mostly very detailled articles.
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Recent additions

19.03.2023 Phenix 140 SC

Phenix 140 SC

This movement should be one of the earliest movements with a free-swinging hairspring. Unfortunately, the archived specimen is not in a very good condition any more.

12.03.2023 Timex M281

Timex M281

This movement started the LCD quartz age of Timex in 1975.

12.03.2023 Timex M416

Timex M416

The second generation of LCD quartz movements was already so mature, that it wasn't really spectacular any more.

05.03.2023 Peseux 7040

Peseux 7040

This windup movement was used until the 1990s and terminates the series of proven Peseux movements.

26.02.2023 Bifora 52/2

Bifora 52/2

With this movement, the admittingly short series of 5 1/2 ligne tonneau movements from Bifora ended.

19.02.2023 ESA 9180

ESA 9180

A first generation quartz movement from around 1973/1974.


About the movement archive

In the past, especially between 1930 and 1980 more than 10.000 different movements were made, some in a million copies. The advent of the quartz watch in the 1970 terminated that impressive series, and the greatest part of those movements has not existed for a long time.

The movement archive on should counteract further oblivion and show how diverse mechanical movements once were.

Of course it can never hole the complete stock of all movement ever made, yet almost every week, new movements are archived and shown more or less detailed. Currently, more than 1119 different movements found their way into the archive and are at at least virtually accessible to posterity.

You can directly access the movement by the “movements” menu.

Besides the movements there are other pages, which complement the topic “mechanical watches”, such as a collection of Timex watches, some loose articles in the magazine, a few documents and some workbench related articles.

The archive lives from permanently acquiring yet unarchived movements, to catalogue and put them online. Who wants to support it with a small dontion, can get a “supporters” page as thanks.

Have fun exploring the world of mechanical movements!