(Eugene Blum et Levy, La-Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland)


  caliber size esc. jewels shockprot. construction features condition




  • A: lever
  • C: cylinder wheel
  • F: mainspring barrel
  • G: large driving wheel
  • H: escape wheel
  • K: third wheel
  • M: center minute wheel
  • N: decentral minute wheel
  • S: seconds wheel
  • U: transmission wheel
  • X: transmission axle
  • Z: center second pinion
The features use the terms of the Flume-Werksucher:
  • 24HA: 24hr indication (pointer)
  • AG: year indication (aperture)
  • AUT: selfwinding
  • CHR: chronographe
  • CLD: calendar
  • DIG: digital time indication
  • EL: elecromechanically powered
  • ELQ: quartz controlled electomechanically powered
  • JA: weekday indication (pointer)
  • JG: weekday indication (aperture)
  • MA: month indication (pointer)
  • MG: month indication (aperture)
  • Q: quartz controlled
  • QA: date indication (pointer)
  • QG: date indication (aperture)
  • RAT: split-seconds
  • RDR: date corrector
  • REV: alarm function
  • RMA: power reserve (hand)
  • SC: center seconds
  • SC DIGITAL: digital center seconds
  • SC?: center seconds (type unknown)
  • SCD: direct center seconds
  • SCI: indirect center seconds
  • s: decentral seconds