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Arogno 45


A movement, which promised a lot at first sight, but when you examine it carefully, cannot hold these promises is called a “dazzler”.

Such movements are not only a thing of the present (think of imitated “Tourbillons”, movements with many hands or fake skeletonizing), already 80 ago, there existed also movements, which could be called a “dazzler”.

Arogno 45: version with 15 jewels

version with 15 jewels

If you see the movement at first glance, with its visible winding system, its gear cocks, all with ruby bearings and angled borders, you are temped to think, that this is a high quality movement.

Arogno 45: base plate

base plate

But if you see the base place of the 10-jewels version, you are shocked, that all non-visual bearings don’t contain rubies, but simple metal bushings. Additionally, you can see the rocking bar winding system, which is on the dial side.

It’s all according the motto “what you don’t see needs no high quality”.

Arogno 45: base plate, 15 jewels version

base plate, 15 jewels version

The 15 jewels version, however, has got at least rubies for all bearings.

Arogno 45: gear train

gear train

After all: The gear train is exactly, what you can expect for fair to good pallet lever movement: The mainspring barrel drives the central minute wheel, followed by third wheel, seconds wheel at 6 o’clock and finally the steel escape wheel.

Arogno 45: side view of the gear train

side view of the gear train

The of course not yet shock protected monometallic screw balance beats with 18000 A/h, can be adjusted by a long regulator arm and works on a conventional swiss pallet lever escapement.

Arogno 45: gear train bridge

gear train bridge

The gear train bride is a real fake one: Escape wheel, seconds wheel and third wheel are by no means beared under seperate cocks, but all bearings of the gear train, including minute wheel and mainspring barrel, are part of one single three-quarter bridge, which is only punced out. Hence the hexagonal ruby mountings and edge anglage.

Even the screws of the indicated escape- and third wheel cocks are of no use at all!

Arogno 45: inside the gear train bridge

inside the gear train bridge

On the inside of the gear train bridge the fakeness becomes even clearer.

All bearings are under one single bridge - this is normally only known from low-end movements.

Arogno 45: fake winding works

fake winding works

No less fake is, what the movement wants to indicate as winding works on top of the gear train bridge. The two gears have to function at all, there’s no intervention and no ratchet.

Visually great, but technically bad!

Arogno 45: Arogno 45: Dial side

Arogno 45: Dial side

The real winding system is, like on cheap pin lever movements, on the dial side and is operated with a rocking bar winding system. The ratchet consists of only one simple spring, less is not possible!

It’s interesting to see, that the Arogno 45 has got a short minute scale on the dial side. Better movements used that feature to ensure the adjustment of the movement, when it was not yet sealed into a watch.

Arogno 45: dial side, 15 jewels version

dial side, 15 jewels version

As you can see, the Arogno 45 is actually quite a dazzler. Technically, it is pretty OK for a pallet lever movement, but the fake winding system on the gear train bridge, the fake cocks and the missing ruby bearings on the 10-jewels-version show, that it promises much more, than it can hold. That this was already the case eighty years ago, is really a bit surprising!

In the lab

The specimen shown here with 10 jewels came gummy and with a defective crown wheel into the lab. The crown wheel was replaced and the movement got a simple service.
The 15-jewels specimen has got a loose balance plateau, which cannot be fixed with the present tools.

Timegrapher result

The rates of the 10-jewels specimen on the timegrapher are in the expected range for a rather simple lever movement, which has reached its end of life long ago and only got a simple service.

horizontal positions
dial up +19 s/d 264° 3.3ms
dial down -8 s/d 232° 3.7ms
vertical positions
crown right (12 up) -20 s/d 212° 4.1ms
crown up (3 up) -26 s/d 224° 3.6ms
crown left (6 up) -65 s/d 217° 4.0ms
crown down (9 up) -73 s/d 197° 5.0ms

Technical data

Size:10 1/2''' (measured: 23,3mm)
Number of jewels:10/15
Escapement:Pallet lever
Balance types: Nickel screw balance
Shock protection(s): none
Balance bearing / direction hairspring:Clockwise
Moveable stud:no
Adjust mechanism:Long regulator arm
  • lever
  • escape wheel, seconds wheel, third wheel, center minute wheel, mainspring barrel
Construction type:solid construction
Winding mechanism:rocking bar winding system
Setting lever spring:4 hole(s)
  • s (decentral seconds)
References: Flume: K1 -
Inventory number:19018

Usage gallery

Arogno 45: Ancre gents watch (10 Jewels)

Ancre gents watch (10 Jewels)

Arogno 45: anonymous gents watch (15 Jewels)

anonymous gents watch (15 Jewels)

This movement with 10 jewels was donated by Lars Schröder and the 15 jewels version by Philipp Porter. Thank you very much for the kind support of the movement archive!

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