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ESA 9200


The ESA caliber 9200, called “Fontronic”, is one of the rare, very small electronic (transistor and resistor) ladies' movements with a real small size. It is gilt colored and normally covered by a gilt cover, which only gives access to the battery and the hairspring regulator.

It uses a rare Lubrifix 66 shock protection and a fine regulator with an excenter. On the tiny balance wheel, there are two permanent magnets, which correspond with the electronic driven coil of the main plate. This is a common principle of the last-but-one generation of electromechanical movements.

Although this movement is that tiny, it already features hacking the balance and a complication, which makes the second hand jump only every eight beats, once a second. Unfortunately, on the 9200 on my bench, this feature is broken. Probably this movement is a tad too small for these kind of complications.

Technical data

Size:6 3/4 x 8'''
Number of jewels:7
Shock protection(s): ?
Balance bearing / direction hairspring:Bridge
Moveable stud:yes
Adjust mechanism:Excenter
  • SCD (direct center seconds)

Usage gallery

ESA 9200: Pallas Ormo Electronic ladies' watch

Pallas Ormo Electronic ladies' watch

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