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Longines 9.35


Until the 1980s, Longines was famous for their sometimes fantastic inhouse movements, unfortunately, the quartz crisis led to Longines, in the meantime part of the Swatch Group, no longer producing own movements but only using movements from the Swatch Group, like many other brands of the Swatch Group do.

The Longines 9.35 shown here was made more than 100 years ago. It is a good quality ladies' watch movement with about 20mm diameter.

Longines 9.35: base plate

base plate

On this movement, all important bearings contain rubies; escape and seconds wheel are beared under their own cocks.

Longines 9.35: inside barrel bridge

inside barrel bridge

It is pretty odd, that the ratchet is located on the inner side of the mainspring barrel bridge. Since the movement came in bad condition into the archive, it is not sure, that the shown construction of the ratchet is correct.

Longines 9.35: gear train

gear train

The gear train is standard with a directly driven center minute wheel, followed by third wheel, seconds wheel (which could carry a decentral seconds hand at 9 o’clock, but not on the specimen shown here) and finally the steel escape wheel.

The Longines 9.35 uses a swiss pallet lever escapement.

Longines 9.35: side view of the gear train

side view of the gear train

The Guillaume screw balance (with a slotted balance wheel for temperature compensation) is not yet shock protected. A Breguet hairspring with a specially curved end curve should ensure better precision and a long regulator arm with scale is used to adjust the beating rate of 18000 A/h.

Technically, this was top of the line at that time!

Longines 9.35: Longines 9.35: Dial side

Longines 9.35: Dial side

On the dial side, you see the yoke keyless works, which uses two springs. The setting lever, which points against a pin on the plate is a pleasure to see and shows, how well Longines movements were at that time.

With the serial number, you know, when the movement was made - the specimen shown here was produced in 1919.

Technical data

Size:8 3/4''' (measured: 19,8mm)
Number of jewels:15
Escapement:Pallet lever
Balance types: bimetallic screw balance
Shock protection(s): none
Balance bearing / direction hairspring:Clockwise
Moveable stud:no
Adjust mechanism:Long regulator arm
  • lever
  • escape wheel
  • seconds wheel
  • third wheel, center minute wheel
  • mainspring barrel
Construction type:solid construction
Winding mechanism:yoke winding system
Setting lever spring:2 hole(s)
  • s (decentral seconds)
Inventory number:20022

Usage gallery

Longines 9.35: Longines ladies' watch  (case missing)

Longines ladies' watch (case missing)

This movement is a kind donation from G.E.W. Gehrke to the movement archive. Thank you very much for your great support!

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