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Otero 782


The Otero 782 is a rather rare german selfwinding movement, which uses an excenter mechanism for winding the watch. This mechanism is so genius, that it only uses a single gear and two spring-secured clicks. Unlike a conventional direction changer, this mechanism has almost no neutral position at all and winds the watch very efficiently. On this movement, there’s also the patented Otereotest mechanism, which allowes the watch to contain a normal mainspring without detachable (and in this era sometimes problematic) ends: When the watch is fully wound, the Oterotest mechanism decouples the rotor from the mainspring and let it spin free, thus preventing the mainspring from overload and a jumping balance.

The rest of the movement is very nice to see, with many deck jewels and the Incabloc-secured balance. The date can be semi-quickset by advancing and turning back the time a few hours.

Otero 782: view without oscillating weight

view without oscillating weight

The movement shown here was a rusted ruin because of a large water damage. The complete winding mechanism was so rusted that it did not move at all, and the selfwindig mechanism was almost dead, too. Only with a extensive restauration, the watch could be brought back to life again and today, only the dial tells of the water damage. Sometimes, it’s really worth investing some time in a “ruin”, especially when it has got such an interesting movement inside.

Otero 782: Otero 782 dial side

Otero 782 dial side

Technical data

Size:11 1/2'''
Number of jewels:25
Escapement:Pallet lever
Balance types: Nickel screw balance
Shock protection(s): Incabloc
Balance bearing / direction hairspring:Counterclockwise
Moveable stud:no
Adjust mechanism:Hairspring key
  • lever
  • escape wheel, seconds wheel, third wheel
  • center minute wheel
  • mainspring barrel
Winding mechanism:yoke winding system
Setting lever spring:1 hole(s)
  • SCD (direct center seconds)
  • QG (date indication (aperture))
  • RDR (date corrector)
  • AUT (selfwinding)
References: Flume: 1962 108
Mentioning in literature (years): 1960 - 1981

Usage gallery

Otero 782: unknown gents selfwinding watch

unknown gents selfwinding watch