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Citizen 0201


The caliber 0201 was one of the standard movements of Citizen, which was used in many mens' watches. It’s traditional construction with the large gear plate with three jewels, its directly driven center second and -minute hands and the large Glucydur balance, which is secured by two inhouse Parashock protection systems are making this movement a true and reliable classic. Every details reminded of the traditional (swiss) watchmaking of the past decades.

On the dial side, there are no suprises, too. The winding system uses a well known and reliable yoke mechanism.

This movement was also licensed to the indian MNT (Hindustan Machine Tools Ltd.), which produced it as caliber HMT 020.

Citizen 0201: Citizen 0201 dial side

Citizen 0201 dial side

Technical data

Size:11 1/2'''
Number of jewels:17
Escapement:Pallet lever
Balance types: Glucydur anular balance
Shock protection(s): Parashock 1 (Citizen)
Balance bearing / direction hairspring:Clockwise
Moveable stud:no
Adjust mechanism:Hairspring key
  • lever
  • escape wheel, seconds wheel, third wheel
  • center minute wheel
  • mainspring barrel
Winding mechanism:yoke winding system
Setting lever spring:2 hole(s)
  • SCD (direct center seconds)
Production years:1960-1980

Usage gallery

Citizen 0201: Citizen mens' watch

Citizen mens' watch