Seiko 21D

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Seiko 21D


This is a nice ladies' watch form caliber of a good quality from Japan. It uses a large Glucycur balance with two legs, a Diashock shock protection system and the anchor wheel runs in a chaton with an unidentified shock protection with an omega-shaped spring.

Technical data

Size:6 3/4 x 8'''
Number of jewels:17
Escapement:Pallet lever
Balance types: Glucydur anular balance
Shock protection(s): Diashock (Seiko)
Balance bearing / direction hairspring:Counterclockwise
Moveable stud:yes
Adjust mechanism:Hairspring key
  • lever
  • escape wheel, seconds wheel, third wheel, center minute wheel
  • mainspring barrel
References: Flume: (K3 -)

Usage gallery

Seiko 21D: Seiko ladies' watch

Seiko ladies' watch