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Uwersi 57/8


In 1950, Helmut Epperlein founded the Uhren-Werk Ersingen (Uwersi) in Pforzheim, Germany, which also operated under the name “Vereinigte Uhrenfabriken Ersingen” and mainly mass-produced simple raw ebauches.

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The caliber Uwersi 57/8 shown here is a 10 1/2 ligne pin lever movement with subseconds indication.

Uwersi 57/8: Uwersi 57/8 with larger drillings

Uwersi 57/8 with larger drillings

Of this movement, there are implementations known with two jewels (Ellipse and dial side bearing of the balance) as well as with five jewels (with additional movement-side bearing of the balance, and dial side bearing of third and second wheel).

Uwersi 57/8: Fitting accuracy of the holes

Fitting accuracy of the holes

Based on the different diameter and qualities of the drillings and bearings, you can speculate, whether there were different revisions available or whether the manufacturing precision changed during the production period.

Uwersi 57/8: base plate

base plate

Further revisions were also available with date indication and pin lever with ruby pins.

Uwersi 57/8: gear train

gear train

There gear train consists of four wheel, which are all located under one large bridge. It is a classical construction with decentral second indication at “6 o’clock” and a directly driven minute wheel.

Uwersi 57/8: Side view of the gear train

Side view of the gear train

The flat and light annular balance is not shock protected and beats slowly with 18000 A/h. The caps of its bearings only consists of metal plated.

The balances controls the movement by a pin lever. The escapement wheel has got an odd construction, it looks, like there were two different metals connected.

Uwersi 57/8: Detail: Escapement wheel

Detail: Escapement wheel

It can only be guessed, why on the five-jewels version, the third and second wheel have got ruby bearings on the dial side and not both bearings of the more important escapement wheel.

Uwersi 57/8: Uwersi 57/8 dial side

Uwersi 57/8 dial side

The Uwersi 57/8 has got a quite crudely shaped out escapement lever cock on the dial side and it’s lacking a ratchet mechanism. Only a simple spring interposes the ratchet wheel, which is driven by a rocking bar winding mechanism.

Uwersi 57/8: dial side, version with 2 jewels

dial side, version with 2 jewels

On all versions, you can easily spot the preparation holes for a cap jewel pair of escapement- and third wheel. The version with 21 jewels makes extensive use of cap jewels.

In the lab

The specimen shown here was dirty and gummed and got a full service, including cleaning and oling. It was brought back to life, but the rates are pretty poor, but not too bad for a simple pin lever movement. Probably, the balance wheel bearings are already too much worn, that would at least justify the large deviations over all positions:

Timegrapher result

horizontal positions
dial up +44 s/d 164° 2.5ms
dial down -54 s/d 189° 3.1ms
vertical positions
crown right (12 up) -125 s/d 130° 3.8ms
crown up (3 up) -150 s/d -ms
crown left (6 up) -147 s/d 134° 3.8ms
crown down (9 up) -138 s/d 127° 3.8ms

Technical data

Size:10 1/2''' (measured: 23,2mm)
Number of jewels:2/5
Escapement:Pin lever
Balance types: Nickel anular balance
Shock protection(s): none
Balance bearing / direction hairspring:Clockwise
Moveable stud:no
Adjust mechanism:Hairspring key
  • lever
  • escape wheel, seconds wheel, third wheel, center minute wheel, mainspring barrel
Construction type:pillar construction
Winding mechanism:rocking bar winding system
Setting lever spring:3 hole(s)
  • s (decentral seconds)
Production period:195x
References: Flume: 1957 43

Usage gallery

Uwersi 57/8: Shaon mens' watch

Shaon mens' watch