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Manufacturer: Seiko

(Seiko Watch Corporation, Tokyo, Japan)

caliber list

Caliber Size Jewels Shockp. Construction Features Functions Condition (Repair)
11A  53/4 x 7''' 17,21J DIA   A,HSKM,F     h,m OK
21D  63/4 x 8''' 17J DIA   A,HSKM,F     h,m OK (oiled)
1104A  53/4 x 63/4''' 17J DIA   A,HSKM,Z,F   SCI  h,m,s OK
2206A  73/4''' 17J DIA      SCI,QG,JG,RDR,AUT  h,m,s,d,w,a rusted (partially derusted)
2906A          U'def
4206B  73/4''' 17J DIA      SC?,QG,JG,RDR,AUT  h,m,s,d,w,a OK (inserted loose gears)
6119A  12''' 21J DIA      SC?,QG,JG,RDR,AUT  h,m,s,d,w,a OK
6119C  12''' 21J DIA      SC?,QG,JG,RDR,AUT  h,m,s,d,w,a OK
6308A  12''' 17J DIA   A,HSK,M,F   SCD,QG,RDR,AUT  h,m,s,d,a OK
6309A          OK
6619A  121/2''' 21J DIA      SCD,QG,JG,RDR,AUT  h,m,s,d,w,a OK
7009A  17J DIA      SC?,QG,JG,RDR,AUT  h,m,s,d,w,a OK
7S26A  12 21J DIA   A,HSK,M,F   SCD,QG,JG,RDR,AUT  h,m,s,d,w,a OK

movement photos

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