Seiko 6119A

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Seiko 6119A


In the late 1960ies, one of the most successful Seiko movements was launched: Caliber 6119. Over the years, it evolved in three versions, with 6119A being the oldest. Caliber 6119A can easily be identified by the two screws, which hold the rotor. The later calibers 6119B and 6119C hold the rotor only with a thick center screw.

As all Seiko movements, this one is constructed for realiabilty and durability. Its Diashock shock protection guarantees enough resistance against shocks, and its ball-beared rotor with excenter gives enough and reliably power and even works after more than twenty years without service as smooth as on the first day.

This movement, which uses 21 jewels, features the familiar five functions: hour, minute, center second and day and weekday with fast correction mechanism. The weekday (only available in one language) can be advanced by setting the time forth and back a few hours, and the day indication can be advanced by pressing the crown. The crown has got only two positions, where in the first position, it is functionless, thus meaning, that the watch cannot be hand wound.

Technical data

Number of jewels:21
Escapement:Pallet lever
Shock protection(s): Diashock (Seiko)
Balance bearing / direction hairspring:Counterclockwise
Moveable stud:yes
Adjust mechanism:Hairspring key
  • SC? (center seconds (type unknown))
  • QG (date indication (aperture))
  • JG (weekday indication (aperture))
  • RDR (date corrector)
  • AUT (selfwinding)
Production period:1967-