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Baumgartner 670


The large Baumgartner caliber 670 is a rather uncommon pin lever movement. It has got a clutch winding and setting mechanism (very good for service works) and uses a balance, that has got a long regulator arm and a deck jewel. The anchor block allows precise justage, which is helpful on such a high movement.

As usual on Baumgartner movement, on the dial side, the minute wheel and the hour wheel are driven indirectly and are located on the dial side only. The neccessiary friction clutch sits on the mainspring barrel and can be adjusted by a very large hands setting wheel.

According to the Flume K3, this movement, which also has got an integrated indirect center second hand, uses a very unusual beat rate of 17280 beats per hour (4.8 Hertz). Normally, 5 Hz (18000 A/h) are used.

Baumgartner 670: Baumgartner 670 dial side

Baumgartner 670 dial side

Technical data

Size:13 1/3'''
Number of jewels:1
Escapement:Pin lever
Balance types: Nickel anular balance
Shock protection(s): none
Balance bearing / direction hairspring:Counterclockwise
Moveable stud:no
Adjust mechanism:Long regulator arm
  • lever
  • escape wheel, seconds wheel, third wheel, mainspring barrel
  • center second pinion
Winding mechanism:yoke winding system
Setting lever spring:1 hole(s)
  • SCI (indirect center seconds)
References: Flume: 1952 24

Usage gallery

Baumgartner 670: Roneor mens' watch in aluminium case

Roneor mens' watch in aluminium case