Felsa 4045

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Felsa 4045


Felsa was known for their high quality mens' watches movements, but they also made tiny form movements for ladies' watches, such as this rather simple caliber 4045.

This movement uses a traditional anchor escapement with Felsa-typical transparent anchor palettes, but the rest of the movement, the rather simple Trishock shock protection system, the missing regulator hand and the rocking bar winding mechanism below the that make one wonder, whether ladies' watches did not deserve the same quality as mens' watches.

Felsa 4045: Felsa 4045 dial side

Felsa 4045 dial side

Technical data

Size:5 1/2 x 8 3/4'''
Number of jewels:17
Escapement:Pallet lever
Balance types: Nickel anular balance
Shock protection(s): ?
Balance bearing / direction hairspring:Clockwise
Adjust mechanism:Hairspring key
  • lever
  • escape wheel, seconds wheel, third wheel, center minute wheel, mainspring barrel
Winding mechanism:rocking bar winding system
Setting lever spring:4 hole(s)
References: Flume: K2 -

Usage gallery

Felsa 4045: Ankra 24 ladies' watch

Ankra 24 ladies' watch

Felsa 4045: Ankra ladies' watch

Ankra ladies' watch