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Manufacturer: Baumgartner (BFG)

(Baumgartner Frères, Grenchen, Switzerland)

caliber list

Caliber Size Jewels Shockp. Construction Features Functions Condition (Repair)
34  101/2''' 1J none   A,HSKGF   h,m,ss broken mainspring
582  121/4''' 1,2,17J KIF.T.,NOD   A,HSKGF   SCD,(QG)  h,m,s,(d) OK
670  131/3''' 1J none   A,HSKF,Z   SCI  h,m,s broken anchor axle
800  101/2 5J none   A,HSKF,Z   SCI  h,m,s OK (full service)
844  101/2 2J KIF.T.   AHKGF     h,m second wheel broken (Service)
866  12''' 1J none   A,HSKF,Z   SCI  h,m,s OK (oiled)
896  101/2''' 1, 2J KIF.T., none   A,HSKGF     h,m OK
910  83/4 1J NOD   A,H,SKG,F     h,m needs service
911  81/2''' 1,5,17J KIF.P.,none   A,HSKGF   (SCD,QG,RDR)  h,m,(s),(d) OK
920  81/2''' 17J KIF.P.   A,HSKZGF   SCI  h,m,s OK
925          incomplete
930  7''' 17J none   A,HSKG,F     h,m needs service
866 (QG)  12''' 1J none   A,HSKZF   SCI,QG  h,m,s,d OK
866 CLD DIG  13,5 1J NOD   A,HSKZF   SCI,QG,DIG  h,m,s,d gear broken (cleaned, oiled)
866 (QG, 13,5)  13,5''' 1J NOD   A,HSKF,Z   SCI,QG  h,m,s,d Balance broken (fixed hairspring)

caliber details

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