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Manufacturer: Felsa

(Felsa AG, Lengnau, Switzerland)

Movement list

Caliber Size Jewels Shockp. Construction Features Functions Condition (Repair)
22  6''' 17J INC,none   A,HSKM,F     h,m OK
52          OK
66  61/2 6/15J none   A,HSKM,F     h,m OK (cleaned, oiled)
81          incomplete
90  51/4 10J none   H,SKM,F     h,m needs service
107          OK
146  73/4''' 15,16J none   A,H,SKM,F     h,m OK (oiled and cleaned)
212          U'def
302  53/4 x 83/4''' 15J none   A,HSKM,F     h,m OK
350  81/2''' 15J none   A,H,SKM,F   h,m,ss OK (oiled)
415  111/2''' 17J INC   A,HSKZF,M   SCI,AUT  h,m,s,a OK (Service selfwinding mech.)
465  111/2''' 17J INC   A,HSK,M,F   SCD  h,m,s OK
465N  111/2''' 17J FARR.1,INC   A,HSK,M,F   SCD  h,m,s OK (exchanged mainspring)
690  111/2''' 17J INC      SCD,AUT  h,m,s,a OK
4000  111/2''' 35J INC   A,HSKZ,M,F   SCI,AUT  h,m,s,a incomplete
4022  73/4''' 17J INC   A,HSKM,F     h,m OK (demagnetized,olied,cleaned)
4025  73/4''' 17J INC   A,HSKM,F   QG,RDR  h,m,d needs service (olied, demagnetized)
4045  51/2 x 83/4''' 17J ???   A,HSKMF     h,m OK
4072  63/4''' 17J INC   A,HSKG,F     h,m Click wheel missing
4162          winding broken
4520          OK


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