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Manufacturer: Kienzle

(Kienzle Uhrenfabriken GmbH, Schwenningen, Germany)

Caliber list

Caliber Size Jewels Shockp. Construction Features Functions Condition (Repair)
48/10c  101/2 10J KIEN   A,HSKMF   SCI  s OK (oiled and cleaned)
48/4  101/2''' 4J none   A,HSKMF   h,m,ss def. hairspring (oiled and cleaned)
48/7  101/4''' 7J KIEN   A,HSKM,F   SCI  h,m,s OK
048/76  101/2''' 7J KIEN   A,HSKMF   h,m,ss OK (oiled and cleaned)
51  111/2''' 4J none   A,HSKM,F   h,m,ss needs service
51/0b  12''' 0J none   A,HSKM,F   h,m,ss OK
051/00f  12''' 0J none   A,HSKMF   h,m,ss OK (oiled)
051e52          broken
051b53          bad hairspring
051c53          OK
051d53  12''' 0J none   A,HSKMF   h,m,ss OK
051N/53  12''' 0J none   A,HSKMF   ss needs service (oiled and cleaned)
052/10  101/2''' 7J RUNS   A,HSKGF   SCD  h,m,s OK
053/703  63/4 x 8''' Original: EB 1612N
54/4b          incomplete
057/21d  123/4''' 21J KIEN   A,HSKMF   s,a  h,m,ss,a OK (olied,cleaned)
058b12  12 1J none   A,HKGSF   SCI,QG,RDR  h,m,s,d OK
058b15  17J         OK
058b25  12''' 17J KIF.T.   A,HSKGF   SCD,QG,RDR  h,m,s,d OK (revision)
059b25  8''' 17J KIF.P.   A,HSKGFZ   SCI  h,m,s Winding mech. broken
059N51  8''' 3J none   A,HSKGFZ   SCI  h,m,s OK
060a1  12''' 7J none   A,HSKGFZ   SCI  h,m,s OK
060a2  12 17J KIF.T.   A,HSKGSF   SCI,QG,RDR  h,m,s,d balance axle broken (service)
070/27  63/4 x 8''' 17J DUS   A,HSKMF     h,m OK
071/17  17J        
074/20  7''' Original: EB 8341

Caliber details

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