Junghans 667.70

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Junghans 667.70


1978, the reworked versions of the caliber series 667 were launched, among them the 12 ligne caliber Junghans 667.70 with a date indication.

Junghans 667.70: base plate

base plate

Compared to the predecessor series, there a a few savings, like two bearing jewels on the base plate, which were not visible, and were transformed into brass bearings.

The large rotor bearing jewel and the jewel for the first reduction wheel were not changed, as well as the fact, that the gear train is housed in a plastic container.

Junghans 667.70: gear train

gear train

There’s a new hacking function, realized by a silver-colored lever near the center of the movement.

The gear train itself remained the same and consists of the center minute wheel, which is beared below the plastic container, the third wheel, seconds wheel, reduction wheel and finally the rotor.

The center seconds pinion is driven indirectly by the third wheel and a tiny spring ensures, that it doesn’t flutter.

Junghans 667.70: side view of the gear train

side view of the gear train

One of the most visible changes is the coil, which has got now a thicker, cyan-colored insulation. Maybe it’s because of the coils of the earlier caliber series being too delicate?

Junghans 667.70: coil


The electronics part was reworked, too. The circuit board is now red instead of green before, and a new IC was used.

Junghans 667.70: electronics module

electronics module

The basic structure of the electronics module remained the same during the whole series production era and consists of an IC (unlike the predecessor no longer made by NEC, but by the Munich semiconductor producer Eurosil), a capacitor, a trimmer capacitor and a 32 kHz quartz.

Junghans 667.70: lower side of the module

lower side of the module

On the lower side of the module, there’s the contact for the hacking lever.

Junghans 667.70: calendar mechanism

calendar mechanism

The calendar mechanism uses plastic parts everywhere, for the hour wheel, the switching wheel and the detent lever.

The Junghans 677.70 offers a quickset mechanism for the calendar, realized by a rocking-bar “winding” mechanism, in its middle position.

Junghans 667.70: Junghans 667.70: Dial side

Junghans 667.70: Dial side

The calendar mechanism is plastic-covered, too.

Technical data

Caliber base:Junghans 667.00
Size:12''' (measured: 27,1mm)
Frequency:32768 Hz
Number of jewels:7
  • rotor, transmission axle, seconds wheel, third wheel, center second pinion
  • center minute wheel
Construction type:pillar construction
Winding mechanism:rocking bar winding system
Attachment of setting lever:screwed
Setting lever spring:1 hole(s)
  • SCI (indirect center seconds)
  • QG (date indication (aperture))
  • RDR (date corrector)
Production period:1978 - 1981
Inventory number:23014

Usage gallery

Junghans 667.70: Junghans gents quartz watch, model 010/7902

Junghans gents quartz watch, model 010/7902

Junghans 667.70: Junghans gents quartz watch, model 010/7902

Junghans gents quartz watch, model 010/7902

The movement with the hands-missing watch is a donation to the movement archive. Thank you very much!