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Timex M281


Timex invested since the 1960s a lot into battery-powered movements and already offered LED movements for a few year. In 1975, which was pretty late, they started into the battery-friendls LCD age with their first module.

With a height of more than 10mm it was, as you will see below, too, pretty high building, and the used LR43 button cell reveals a still rather high battery consumption.

Timex M281: inside the mainboard

inside the mainboard

Apart from this, the module is pretty mature and was no longer produced in the USA or Germany, but in Taiwan.

Timex M281: display framt

display framt

The functions of this module were not spectacular, it only could only tell the time in hours and minutes, seconds and day and month by a keypress.

Timex M281: Display


The LC display is embedded in a plastic frame. Its contacts are piece by piece routed through the frame and not like today, with a stiffener or two alternately conductive and non-conductive rubber connected.

Timex M281: 180° rotatable button

180° rotatable button

The way, how the time was set, was really unique: The left buttons on the side had to be turned 180° to get the movement into the time setting mode.

Without a manual, hardly anyone will manage to set the time.

Timex M281: Timex M281: Dial side

Timex M281: Dial side

The display is still held by a metal frame. The function of the trimmer resistor on the bottom of the module is unknown. It could either adjust the resonant circuit, or it could adjust the contrast. A test did not reveal its secret.

Timex M281: readable display

readable display

Unfortunatly, on the archived specimen, the display has aged a lot, so that is only readable (and that only weak) on a greater viewing angle. On top view, it is quite less readable.

Technical data

Size:9''' (measured: 20,0mm)
Frequency:32768 Hz
  • DIG (digital time indication)
  • Q (quartz controlled)
Inventory number:22021

Usage gallery

Timex M281: Timex SSQ ladies' watch model 90880

Timex SSQ ladies' watch model 90880