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Manufacturer: Junghans

(Junghans Uhren GmbH, Schramberg, Germany)


Caliber list

Caliber Size Jewels Shockp. Construction Features Functions Condition (Repair)
J59  101/2 15J none   A,HSKM,F   h,m,ss OK
J73  63/4 x 8''' 5/17J JUNG   A,HSKM,F     h,m OK (fixed loose screw)
J90 neu          incomplete
600.12  131/2''' 17J STAR      SCD,QG,RDR,EL  h,m,s,d,e runs only dial down
620.56  17J         h,m,s complete in parts
623.05  111/2''' 15J RUNS   A,HSKF,M   SCD  h,m,s OK
623.20  111/2''' 17J STAR   A,HSKF,M   SCD,QG,RDR  h,m,s,d OK
625.20  111/2''' 25J STAR   A,HSKF,M   SCD,QG,RDR,AUT  h,m,s,d,a OK
670/5  51/2''' 17J JUNG   A,HSKM,F     h,m needs cleaning
J71          balance broken
672  17J         h,m OK
674  61/2 x 73/4''' 17J JUNG   A,HSKM,F     h,m OK
684.12  11''' 17J JUNG   A,HSK,M,F   SCD,QG,RDR  h,m,s,d OK
687.00  (J87/10) 111/2''' 17J JUNG   A,HSK,M,F   SCD  h,m,s OK
J93S10  (693.02) 11''' 17J JUNG   A,HSK,M,F   SCD,QG  h,m,s,d broken
J93S  (693.10) 111/2 15J JUNG   A,HSKM,F     h,m,ss balance staff broken
J93S1  (693.70) 15J         h,m,s OK
J93  (693.81) 11''' 15J JUNG   A,HSKM,F   h,m,ss OK (oiled and cleaned)
J93/1  (693.83) 111/4 17J JUNG   A,HSK,M,F   SCD  h,m,s OK
J98/3  (698.71) 83/4 x 12''' 16J JUNG   A,HSKM,F   SCI  h,m,s OK (Service)
J99/1  (699.71) 63/4 x 81/2''' 15J JUNG   A,HSK,MF     h,m OK

The movements are sorted according to the new caliber numbering scheme of 1962/1963, if it was available for the movement.


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