PUW 2509

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PUW 2509


This movement was the best and last mens' size, non quartz-controlled movement, made in Pforzheim. As the former construction with electric contacts was not free from trouble, this movement not only worked without them, but also got an integrated circuit, which was responsible for the correct polarization of the moving coil.

Technical data

Size:12 1/2'''
Number of jewels:7
Shock protection(s): Antichoc S65
Balance bearing / direction hairspring:Bridge
Moveable stud:no
Adjust mechanism:unknown
  • SCI (indirect center seconds)
  • QG (date indication (aperture))
  • JG (weekday indication (aperture))
  • RDR (date corrector)
  • EL (elecromechanically powered)
Production period:1972 - ?
References: Flume: K3N1 -